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That statement may be obvious to most people. What may not be so obvious are the design elements necessary for a website to be truly professional today. There are special needs that Websites for Professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Sports Practitioners and Financial Professionals really must have.

Websites for Professionals for Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants require Mobile Responsive DesignPeople are busy today, they are also much more connected than they were just 5 short years ago. People fit work and casual time into moments that fit. Work follows people home in their smart phone or tablet, and their personal lives follow them to work in those same devices.

Lawyers, Doctors, and Accountants Need Websites Designed for Professionals

People make appointments and solve problems today when the moment and opportunity arises, no one waits until they are at home or work sitting in front of a desktop or laptop computer. Very often now their phone or tablet is their new computer. These are the devices they will search for a doctor appointment, arrange financial transactions, deal with a legal issue. When they have that minute, your website must be there and be ready to provide a top customer experience no matter what device they are using. If they are sitting in a Tim Horton’s on their iPhone or in bed on their tablet, your business website needs to meet their need or lose that opportunity.

Today no one is going to pinch and zoom all over your webpages looking for information trying to press tiny buttons because your website did not automatically configure itself to their mobile device of choice.

Websites for Professionals Must be designed top be Mobile Responsive

Today, all Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and other Financial Professionals, should have professional websites that are mobile responsive design. This type of website will reconfigure itself on the fly to fully adapt to every screen size that is accessing, it. This does not mean cramming everything onto one tiny screen, it is actually the opposite of that. It requires the website to redesign itself and all its pages to give a fuller screen view with bigger buttons and easy to access information while leaving out nothing.

If you are not sure what this means, simply go to your existing website on your own smartphone, iPhone or Android, it does not matter which phone. Try and find real information, use the menus and buttons. Now go to this website on your phone. See what we mean!

All Websites for Professionals should be mobile responsive and allow customers to find the information they seek easily and quickly. Every website we build has this feature built into it.

As Google Founder & CEO Larry Page has stated recently “ the days of building one site for desktop and one site for mobile are long gone, if a site is not mobile-responsive, search engines penalize it’s page ranking.”

Check out some of the websites for professionals that we have designed on our projects page!

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