This is who we trust and recommend.

These are the hosting companies we recommend and trust.

We believe that these three hosting companies offer our customers the best options for hosting ranging from very inexpensive to full Managed WordPress hosting.

We are affiliates of the three hosting companies listed below and we earn a commission when you click on their links and purchase hosting.

Dreamhost, WP Engine, and Bluehost are recognized premiere hosting firms that have excellent customer support and state of the art hosting services. The reason we became affiliates is we approve of their hosting service.



Dream Host Deal


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Photoshop and Graphics Work

When building your website we do some complimentary Photoshop work like re-sizing images, and doing some minor adjustments. However, if you need a real professional Photoshop expert to make an image look absolutely fantastic, then we recommend that you use the same service that we use: Mi-TouchOnLine.com. This firm is headed up by a talented Photoshop Artist who’s name is Natalie and you can hire her directly; check out her website (make sure to roll your mouse over images for before and after examples), she comes highly recommended!
Mi-Touch Photoshop and graphics service

These are our recommended services partners.

We work with and trust their products, services and support. We feel you should too.

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