Finding affordable Canadian website design may not be as transparent a process as you may expect it to be. Many of the search engine results that pop up when you do a web search for a term like affordable Canadian website design or even a more generic term like “web design in Canada” may actually show you firms that only pretend to be in Canada. For more details on this slippery practice read my post on Canadian Website Design

In this article however, we will focus on the “Affordable” aspect of Affordable Canadian Website Design.

Expensive versus Excellence

Affordable Canadian Website Design by We Build WebsitesExpensive does not necessarily translate to excellence; this is an unfortunate truth. Many things can be expensive but not deliver high quality. Many nations spend billions of dollars on expensive things such as armed forces equipment, social care, health care and clearly do not get their money’s worth. This is happening more every day in every category of product or service around the world.

As organizations, companies, and governments grow and add capacity, products, & services, they need to feed a larger infrastructure and cost centre. They need to feed this beast every day to support their products and services. This causes a lack of linear focus on their core product or service and soon customers end of paying for this.

General Motors is a prime example. Spreading their technology investment over a wide range of products brands, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile sounded like a great idea. However, in the end it caused them to declare bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by the US and Canadian governments. The solution was to refocus, kill off the entire Pontiac and Oldsmobile division and just this past month, they broke Cadillac off and moved it from Detroit to New York. Why? To regain focus!

Without clear focus on what you do that is not compromised by other services and possibly even conflicting interests within it’s own organization, the firm designing your website cannot deliver affordable excellence to their customers. This is why we focus on only one thing (it’s right in our name): We Build Websites and we support those websites with superior SEO. That is how we identify affordable Canadian website design.

If the organization you hire to build your website is trying to offer you branding services, print brochures, and advertising strategies, and would like to start talking about tv and radio ads, then you’re probably dealing with an agency. Website design is only once small piece of their business, and it is not the most important piece in their eyes.

Expect to pay triple or more for what a website should cost when dealing with an organization that is focused on other services than if you go to a company like ours that only builds WordPress websites and SEO services.

When an agency is paying copywriters and graphic s designers that can produce brochures, TV ads, and marketing brand strategies, this means they have huge overhead and your website is just one tiny piece of the pie that has to make its contribution numbers to feed the cost of running all those services.

They are not what you would called lean and focused on website design and the site design itself will be more focused on bridging you into their other services than helping your actual business.

By the way, if you have an interest in current trends for website design, I suggest you visit Smashing Magazine web design section for a read once in a while.

What is Affordable Canadian Website Design?

Affordable Canadian Website Design does not mean it is CheapWell let’s first understand the difference between affordable and cheap.

Affordable versus Cheap

The difference between Affordable Canadian Website Design versus cheap design can be the difference between success and failure. For our purposes, affordable indicates that the product or service was attractively priced and good value was received for what was paid. Cheap indicates that the cost was little and that the service or product was of inferior quality.

At We Build Websites, we ensure your website is affordable, never cheap, and to do that we use the very best tools available on the planet to build your website. For more information on the tools we build read this post on “Foundations”.

We can keep our prices very affordable because we are lean and focused by only doing one thing: We Build Websites while supporting them with great SEO services right here in Canada. At We Build Websites, we concentrate on Affordable Canadian Website Design. We support our work with great SEO services and tremendous customer support. We choose tools that are always upgradeable and are stable and secure. We have clients that can recommend us because they actually have come to know us.

Tips on How to Achieve an Affordable Website Design in Canada

If your goal is to achieve an Affordable Canadian Website Design and keep it within budget, then it is in your own best interest to ensure that you are working with a company that resides here in Canada for clear communication. You must also be organized and have all your content ducks in a row before you start the project.

Here is a brief list of how to prepare for an affordable Canadian website design project that stays within budget and completed on schedule.

  • Have a clear idea of what your overall design goal is for the website.
  • Understand what the business objective of the website is so you can design towards it.
  • Identify the general look and feel of the site and how navigation is set up.
  • Confirm with the website designer how many pages is required to hit the above goals.
  • Decide with the website designer what the names of all pages will be and determine what content will be required from you for each page.
  • Provide all the written content to the developer for each page. If you have images and logos make sure they will work with the website design or ask the developer about sourcing images from commercial sources to fill in for what you do not have in terms of images, logos etc.
  • If you are not happy with the written content you have put together ask the website designer for assistance in re-writing your content and work out a reasonable fee for this service.
  • Put a budget in place that will allow for the above points and confirmation from the developer that he/she can build it and set a timeline for project completion.

Affordable Canadian Website Design built by We Build Websites in CanadaOnce you have identified the design and worked out a budget, provide all of the content to the website design firm and confirm the schedule for project completion. The only way to maintain control of the schedule is to agree on a design direction and provide the developer with all the required content to build the site so that ball is now in his/her court to achieve the schedule.

Some reasons that website design projects fall behind scheduled and exceed budget are:

  • The client is not sure what to say on the website
  • The client changes their mind on design direction part way through the project
  • The client is unable to come up with written content as they have underestimated the amount of work it is to write proper content or identify workable images for the new website.
  • The website developer does not have the skill to build the project
  • The Website developer has taken on too many projects and cannot allocate enough time to your project

If the developer is constantly waiting for design decisions and content to put into the project, the project can lose its pace and mojo as well as the continuity of the design process.

When all the content is available and the direction is clear, a good website design firm will get its design juices flowing and their best work will result in affordable Canadian website design for your project.

Website developers who do not have the skills to complete your project can be quickly eliminated by checking their past work or contacting their references.

Same thing goes for website firms that can’t meet deadlines; simply talk to their past client, have they responded quickly to their clients in the past? Have they met schedules? People who are always late on delivering projects are usually serial offenders.

Time is money for everyone including you and the website design firm you select for your project. If you want to build an affordable website and be involved in the design, do so up front and come to a design agreement early in the project. Alternatively choose a website design firm in Canada whose work you like and turn them loose on the project to provide you a website that will meet all your needs.

Don’t forget to leave some room in your budget for SEO work as a website without the proper SEO groundwork is unlikely to reach many of your goals for a small business in Canada.

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