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We Build Websites is all about Affordable WordPress Website Design. We offer a unique method of picking & choosing the features you want in a WordPress website designed just for you. Don’t pay for what you don’t need yet get all the features you do want.

Choose the Affordable WordPress Website Design features you require, then add any special features that you need such as a full e-commerce store, cool interactive pricing tables, amazing graphics counters, custom galleries, email collection campaign tools, or complete SEO packages to get exactly what you want for a great low price!

Web Design

We Build Websites design the best mobile responsive state of the art websites for a fraction of what an ad agency or multi-national service agency would charge you. We know because we build them behind the scenes for many of those same ad agencies. Cut out the middle man! View


A fully responsive & secure e-store can increase your sales dramatically and is much easier to run than you may imagine. We can build it for you in a matter of days and hook it into a PayPal system for you that can accept major credit cards. We can set up your PayPal end as well. View

Feature Additions

If your website lacks a feature you want or it is not communicating the right information with your customers, let We Build Websites take a look, we may be able to positively change your website effectiveness just my adding a simple upgrade or SEO tweak for better focus! View

SEO Services

No doubt you have heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization. But do you really understand it? Well, fortunately, it is one of our strengths and we are here to help! We will completely search engine optimize your new or existing website so that you can achieve your targets! View

Our Story

Affordable WordPress Website Design is now available to all small Canadian companies coast to coast! We Build Websites sales growth over the past 18 months can only be seen as direct indictment of the website design industry in Canada. It appears obvious from our growth stats that many WordPress users have not been getting the features they really need built into their websites, have been paying for features they don’t need, and have not been getting good SEO results. Take a look at the sales growth for We Build Websites by category over the past 18 months showing what customers have been ordering from We Build Websites and where out growth has been coming from!

  • SEO 88% 88%
  • Website Design 82% 82%
  • E-Stores 70% 70%
  • Feature Upgrades 60% 60%

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Why Do We Use WordPress?

For the same reason these companies do:

Cnn uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
The New Yorker uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Mercedes Benz uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Dole uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
ebay Affordable WordPress Website Design
Macleans uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Samsung uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
UPS uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Best Buy uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
The New Yorker Affordable WordPress Website Design
Sony uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Canada uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
General Motors uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Bloomberg Business Week uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Xerox uses Affordable WordPress Website Design
Forbes uses Affordable WordPress Website Design

As WordPress continues to grow, increase market share and add features it has become the go to solution for not only small business but big business as well. Most of the Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide use WordPress to build or expand their websites.

The reason they and we have chosen WordPress for website design is that it is fast, SEO friendly, secure and the world’s easiest content management system for any business or individual to manage and update on a daily basis. WordPress is also very SEO friendly with Google!

By choosing an affordable WordPress website design you open yourself to a huge sub-industry of themes, plugins, consultants, services and designers that are all dedicated to making sure your website is world class for the smallest budget possible.

With a WordPress website you are not locked into one set of tools or one developer, the world is your oyster!

Many developers would prefer you have them build a custom html website for you, that way you are locked into their little ecosystem and you have to hire them to make any changes or upgrades, which can get very expensive very fast.

When you choose WordPress to develop your website with and WeBuildWebsites.ca to design and build it for you, you are ensuring that you get world class performance at the least cost possible!

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