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Website Design Guide

Website Design - Getting Started Good website design brings together a number of technologies to fuse technical design, interface design and graphic design with tool such as SEO optimization to achieve a purpose or goal that has been set before the website design was...

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Affordable Canadian Website Design

Finding affordable Canadian website design may not be as transparent a process as you may expect it to be. Many of the search engine results that pop up when you do a web search for a term like affordable Canadian website design or even a more generic term like “web...

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Responsive Website Design

Every website we build is based on mobile responsive website design. What is mobile responsive website design? It is the ability for the website to identify which device is being used to view your site and to instantly re-format itself to display your content in a...

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Best Canadian Website Design

Best Canadian Website Design When you are looking for a person or company that claims to offer you the best Canadian website design then first you need to confirm if they truly are Canadian read my article covering fallacies of Canadian Website Design. If that part of...

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Canadian Website Design

What do we mean when we say Canadian Website Design? Well Canadian Website Design means several things; one is that it is designed for a Canadian entity, and another can mean it is designed by a Canadian, and yet another is that the website has been designed with...

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Web Tip | Hosting

Web Tip - Your Website Design Firm Should Not Be Your Server Host. If you do not already have a web hosting service then definitely ask your website design firm to help you with selecting the best hosting service for you needs and also ask if they will set up your...

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Web Tip | Domain Name

Web Tip - Do Not Allow Your Website Design Firm To Own Your Domain Name. This can be the worst scenario of all. If you allow the firm that builds the website for you to own the domain name, then you do not even have legal ownership of your website. If you are unsure...

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Web Tip | Breakout Ideas

Four Web Tip Breakout Ideas for Small Businesses Many small businesses reach a plateau much as humans reach a mid-life crisis. This is primarily due to limited new business ideas, which in itself is due to limited expansion and marketing funds. The proprietors are...

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